The only way to get the life you dream of is action

Everyone wants success, whether they admit it or not. I have yet to come across a single person who is living a fulfilled life by choosing to settle.

Life’s too short to live only for the weekends and holidays. To only enjoy some of your life and be just okay with the rest; that’s definitely not living your best life.

The problem is that it’s easier to dream about, talk about, or even bluff success than it is to actually achieve it. But real success is created by your actions, not your words. The only way to get the life you dream of is action.

So, ignore the cynics, the people who have given up on their own dreams. Instead, take massive and determined action to achieve your goals and don’t slow down for anyone and anything.

The view is worth the climb.

Are Your Goals Big Enough?

No one ever got rich or successful by having small, easily achieved, everyday goals.

Don’t be like the majority of people who lower their expectations bit by bit to avoid failure. That’s called settling and one day it’ll lead to regret.

Instead expect more from yourself and those around you. Set big, audacious, life changing goals and then focus all of your energy and efforts on achieving them.

Where you place your focus has enormous implications on your results.

Real success does’t come looking for you. It’s you who has to go and find it and that starts by setting big ****ing goals.

Teams and Success

To be successful you have to believe in people, in yourself and in your mission.

But it is key that the success you want for yourself, you must also want for your team.

A motivated team, led with vision and pace will achieve great things.

A team must be lead with intent, ambition and determination.

Confidence is contagious. Ensure you infect everyone around you with an ‘anything is possible’ mindset.


Too many companies don’t pay their staff well enough or look after them properly.

This leads to having to manage the uninspired and unmotivated.

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and then motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Always give motivated people ambitious goals to achieve and then ensure they have the tools and financial incentives to achieve them.

That’s how you create a company to be proud of.

Dream Big and Dare Greatly

Anyone who has ever truly succeed has always ignored or avoided these two types of people:

  1. The doubters, critics, naysayers and cynics. So many people hold views on the successful or those striving for success. It’s always easier to talk about others than go and do it yourself.
  2. People who give advice who have not achieved what you are striving for
    Plenty of people fake success or talk themselves up. Instagram is full of people faking success. Talk is cheap. Take advice from people who’ve done it, not people who talk about it.

Ignore them all and instead dream big and dare greatly.

Success will come.