Being Successful is a Choice

Being successful is a choice, not an accident. Everyone wants success, though not everyone will admit to it.

Life is short and success provides freedom. Success will help you live your best life.

Most people will never be successful because:

  1. They don’t set big enough goals
  2. They are too defensive in mindset
  3. They don’t work at pace
  4. They focus on the wrong things
  5. They are not action oriented
  6. They stop reading/learning/listening
  7. They are afraid of losing what they have
  8. They are afraid of looking stupid
  9. They forever talk, plan and procrastinate
  10. They give up on success and settle


Turning a Setback into an Opportunity is About Mindset

The Great Storm of 87 Fell Many Trees in Stanmer Park

In 1986 my Dad @philhove had just left the Army after 24 years and bought a small, run down cafe in Stanmer Park.

He’d ploughed all of his life savings into it and we were going to make it a success as a family. My Mum and Dad worked 7 days a week and when they weren’t serving teas and scones to dog walkers they were painting, doing DIY and making the cafe better.

In October 1987 there was a great storm and so many trees were uprooted and blown over.

Customers couldn’t get to the cafe for weeks as the roads were impassable without a 4X4. Business just died overnight.

That first day my Dad realised we were in trouble and he went out and bought a chainsaw, an axe and a splitter and he began chopping the fallen trees.

We spent that entire winter chopping logs day and night which we sold by the van load around Brighton and Hove for £40 a load from one advert in the Argus, our local paper.

I would leave for school at 7am (it was a long walk!) and he’d be up chopping logs and he’d still be doing it when I got home at 4pm. I would help him bag them up and deliver them every evening until 10pm at night.

I was just 13 years old and I clearly remember my Dad’s focus at that time, he was 100% committed to succeed.

We did that for six months, 7 days a week. Because of that income the cafe survived.

I learnt a valuable lesson that stays with me today; even in the biggest set backs in life, with the right mindset, success is possible.

A Sense of Urgency

Lots of people state they are going to be rich and successful.

I love hearing about other people’s ambitions. But the truth is I know that very few will actually realise their dreams. Most will fall prey to a the trap of mediocrity.

I can spot the ones who will make it.

They share a trait that differentiates them: a sense of urgency.

You can feel their urgency when they are around you. They move with absolute purpose and clarity. They ignore the details that most people pretend are vital, and instead focus on what’s really important; they move like their very lives depend on its results.

These are the people you shouldn’t bet against. These are the people who end up realising their dreams.

Your Mindset is Everything

Your mindset will determine whether you will achieve your goals in life.

Your mindset is, without doubt, your greatest asset. It is more valuable than any degree, any education or any training.

Surround yourself with people who share your ambition and drive. Eliminate negative or cynical people from your life. I’ve never met a successful pessimist.

Then start doing the work, every single day; waking up early, grinding it out, every single day, day in-day out, developing your craft, mastering your skills, becoming someone who cannot be stopped from hitting their goals.

That’s what it’s going to take to have a winning mindset.

Become someone who cannot be stopped from hitting their goal.

A Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset see success as a game to win.

People with a fixed mindset see success as a game ‘not’ to lose.

BIG difference.

If you were playing a sport, strictly on defence, your chances of winning are slim.

If you’re not willing to take risks, even to create opportunities for your own attack, then you will never be successful.

And, once you’ve decided to attack then commit to it.

Get after it with passion, tenacity and a sense of urgency.

I promise that you will create opportunities you didn’t know were there.

Get after it.

That Sunday Night Feeling.

Do you get that Sunday night feeling?

That feeling of depression that the weekend is ending and you have to go to work on Monday. It’s the same if you suffer from the holiday blues and you don’t want to come home.

Want to look forward to coming home from a holiday or going to work on a Monday?

Here’s how: Stop settling for average in your life. An average job, an average income, an average mindset.

Don’t lie to yourself about what average is either.

Instead, get f***ing inspired.

Be audacious, think big, be passionate and up your own expectation of yourself.

Then you’ll look forward to coming home and enjoy your Mondays too.

Stop settling for average in your life.

Think Bigger

There’s a fallacy that the only way to get rich is to own a successful business.

That’s not true.

I know many people who are millionaires from working with an entrepreneur.

To achieve this, you need to shift your mindset.

You need to look for opportunities where you can create significant value in the company. These will fall outside your current job, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Extreme success, by definition, lies beyond the realm of normal action.

If you want to achieve extreme success, you can’t operate like everybody else and settle for mediocrity.