Dreamers and Astronauts

I meet so many people who claim they want success. They know all the cliches, read all the books and say all the right things.

But most people want success whilst avoiding risk or failure. So they settle for mediocrity. And, to avoid disappointment, they begin to reframe what success looks like, lowering their expectations bit by bit.

Some kids dream of being astronauts. Few actually become one. Most just dream.

The World Owes You Nothing

The world only gives back what you put in.

Negativity attracts negative people, positivity attracts positive people. No successful person is negative, no negative person is successful.

  • I avoid negative people who lack drive and ambition. People who settle.
  • I surround myself with the ambitious, the doers and the fighters. People who believe.
  • I dream big, really big, plan carefully, then execute tenaciously.
  • I always share the glory and the riches with those that choose to fight by my side.