Launching – A Job Site for Brighton and Hove

Today, I’m excited to see the launch of a new business: Bright.Jobs.

Starting locally but with National ambition, this start-up is underpinned by another excellent technology platform courtesy of the Surge Tech team.

I want to say thanks to Oliver who has led this project from the ground up under considerable pressure. I build lots of start ups and they are both the hardest and the most rewarding thing to do.

The odds are stacked against you which means having a great team is essential. Oliver has been meticulous in his R&D of Bright.Jobs and has proven to me that he has what it takes to get something very significant off the ground.

The marketing plan for Bright.Jobs is literally brilliant. popemobile

If you live in Brighton & Hove you will not miss our advertising around town, it’s going to be everywhere! Plus it’s why we bought the Pope Mobile!

The Pope Visits Brighton, UK
Any business where you hire a full time Pope actor is going to be a winner.