Setting Personal Goals to Achieve Success

You will not become successful in your life by setting small, easily achieved, everyday goals.

Neither will you achieve success by dreaming, talking about or bluffing it. Too many people do that and it doesn’t work.

Where you place your focus in life has enormous implications on your time. Don’t climb to the summit to find out you’re on a molehill.

Set big, bold, life changing goals then focus all of your energy and efforts on achieving them.

Think big, really big and expect more from yourself and people around you and you will achieve the success you’re looking for.

You don’t get to the Summit Without the Journey

Most people want to get to the summit without going through the the journey that will take them there.

Ultimately, no one lands on the mountain top without climbing the mountain.

Breaking out of average is hard. It means taking risks, real risks. It means embracing change and thinking big.

The majority of people will never do what is necessary to convert advice into actionable results. Putting up with the average and settling in life is too easy.

But who wants to settle?

Who wants just an okay life, to be average?

You owe it to yourself and your family to want more, to be more.

Have bigger plans for yourself, join a team with purpose, a team that’s going somewhere. Pick a summit and make it high. Then go.

The view is worth the climb.

Surround Yourself with People who Want to Win

You must surround yourself with people who want to win if you want to achieve real success.

If you want to break from mediocrity and achieve great things for yourself and your team then you must have a mindset that is so strong, so powerful, so positive, that you believe anything is possible.

So, expand your thinking.

Remove the limits you place on your potential.

Surround yourself with those people who think bigger, who genuinely believe – then you’ll see the world differently.

You’ll see that anything really is possible.

A Sense of Urgency

Lots of people state they are going to be rich and successful.

I love hearing about other people’s ambitions. But the truth is I know that very few will actually realise their dreams. Most will fall prey to a the trap of mediocrity.

I can spot the ones who will make it.

They share a trait that differentiates them: a sense of urgency.

You can feel their urgency when they are around you. They move with absolute purpose and clarity. They ignore the details that most people pretend are vital, and instead focus on what’s really important; they move like their very lives depend on its results.

These are the people you shouldn’t bet against. These are the people who end up realising their dreams.

Sacrifice and Risk

Sacrifice Risk

Without sacrifice and risk you’ll never get rich.

Most people would like all they can, without letting go of what they have already acquired or what they perceive to already be entitled to.

This form of protectionism is fatal to real success. 

Average people expect the promise of greater rewards or to be compensated more in the future, before they will even consider working harder or take a risk.

Very successful people understand that compensation is not for exceptional effort, but for the results they achieve with their efforts.

That’s and important distinction and one that must be embraced to truly succeed.

The Realities of True Success

Your odds of becoming successful and wealthy are slim, especially without goals.

You will need to achieve professional mastery to become successful, and for this you will need to seriously educate yourself.

No one becomes successful and stays successful by accident.

Success requires sacrifices. Tangible sacrifices.

Casualness of attitude leads to casualty of outcomes.

Most of which are excuses, not facts.

Too much planning and not enough action is another form of procrastination.

Dreams without action DO NOT WORK. You will need to do both – dream and act.

Either get the courage and take swift action or settle for a life of mediocrity and struggle.

There is no security in life. You can either grow in life by taking risks or be comfortable and stay where you are.

Stop blaming others for your lack of results sand insecurities. Only you are responsible for your life and results.

Agreeing with motivational posts (including this one) doesn’t mean anything if you do not apply the message.




To the Women in My Life: Thank You

I owe much of my personal and business success to women who I have learnt from. From my girlfriend to my female business partner and the female members of my team.

Men can learn a lot from women in the work place.

Emotional intelligence, authenticity, warmth, integrity and courage to name a few qualities that are prominent in most women I work with.

But above all, it’s loyalty.

That strength of character which means they will stand by you no matter what.

It makes me never want to let them down and always do my best to prove them right.

So thank you, I owe much of my success to the women who have inspired and supported me.

Eventually, everyone who settles for mediocrity in their life regrets it

Even though everyone may have a different definition of success, the reality is that innately we all want to be more, have more and do more with our lives.

Success can be big or small, but all success starts with setting a goal.

People don’t fail because they are not aware of what they should do to achieve their goal.

People fail because they don’t take action.

Procrastination and fear turn motivation to inertia, productivity to despondency, and we end up settling.

Avoid settling by setting goals that truly inspire you.

Set goals so big and life changing that they excite you and those around you.

Find others who believe, who want what you want and then it’s simple: take action.

Avoiding Naysayers

I have yet to come across a single person who is living a fulfilled life by choosing to settle.

I am not going to convince people to aim big, even though that is the philosophy that guides my life and I talk a lot about it.

But, I will say this — be careful who you listen to. Be cautious about listening to people who don’t want what you want.

They will try and sell you into the idea of playing small. Why? So they don’t feel bad about their decision to settle.

I encourage you to maximise your potential, to join others who think like you and then go and set goals that make other people uncomfortable.


100% Commitment

Getting big results requires us to be fully committed.

Whatever it is, the key to getting the maximum results is to be fully committed. Half-hearted action attracts half-hearted results.

Expand your thinking. Remove the limits you place on potential.

Successful people think differently.

If they decide on a course of action, they commit to it and don’t concern themselves with the amount of time of effort it takes. They focus only on achieving the goal.

Anything that is half-realised is not realised.

Dreams that are lived halfway, are not lived at all.

We create our own world and everything in it.

We can have anything we want, but it all begins with commitment.

Expand your thinking.