Crucial Group Achieve Significant Milestone

Crucial Group has achieved a significant milestone in its story of growth.

10 Soldiers and Royal Marines have successfully completed a three week Offensive Cyber Security course at our new state of the art Academy in central Brighton.

All 10 candidates are now being interviewed and 100% of them will secure top tier employment with high profile companies through our recruitment team.

Crucial Group - First candidates pass the academy.

  • These guys have served from 7 years to 22 years and are a mix of ranks.
  • Each one has served their country with distinction and they are highly motivated and ambitious to start their civilian careers in a burgeoning industry – Cyber Security.

It has been an honour to assist them in their transitions.

With 8 more Cyber courses already fully booked and new locations opening shortly, Crucial is a company with an extremely bright future.

I am very proud of the team for their professionalism and dedication in striving for excellence.

My Religion is Entrepreneurship

We worship the god of self determination.

We don’t care about your sex, age, race, politics, religion or your socio-economic background – you are all welcome to join us.

We believe that anyone can start from nothing and create themselves and others an amazing life.

We believe that if you risk nothing, you risk everything.

We don’t pray, we believe in the power of doing over thinking and talking.

We believe that striving for audacious goals is where joy is found.

Most of all, we believe in people and in the power of the human spirit to achieve.

What a Team with a Winning Culture Looks Like

If you’ve ever been to one of my offices, then you’ll know that culture is important to me.

If you want to win, you need to surround yourself with others who want to win too. I do that by creating a culture of winning in my businesses.

I make it clear, over and over again, that it pays to be a winner. I let my team know exactly what winning looks like, and ensure they have the tools to do just that.

A lot of people ignore stuff as they think someone else will do it for them. If you see rubbish and don’t pick it up because it’s ‘not your job’, then you’ll never win.

Rubbish is everyone’s job. It’s the same in a business.

Do what needs to be done, not just your job. 

Get on a team with a winning culture.

If You Really Want to Win in Life Then You Need to Accept Risk.

Too many people don’t understand what real risk is.

  • Taking a risk isn’t moving jobs, it’s creating them.
  • Risk isn’t investing other people’s money, it’s investing your own.
  • Risk isn’t taking a pay cut, it’s about generating your own pay.

No one cares what you think you’re worth, that’s dictated by how good you are.

Everyone wants to take the risks when they see real success, but true risk is taken when it’s bleak and dark.

Burn the boats on the beach and commit to the fight.

You must believe you can win against anything put in your way.

You must learn to fight as if everything is truly on the line.

That’s the only way to win.

A Casual Attitude will Result in a Casual Outcome

Success is created by your actions, not your words. Don’t be one of those people who says all the right things but whose actions don’t back it up.

A casual attitude will result in a casual outcome. If you’re going to do something, be someone, or achieve anything significant in your life then you must commit 100% to it.

Take massive and determined action to achieve your goals and don’t slow down for anyone or anything. Success is not found in the knowing, but in the doing.

Life is short. Be Daring. Be Audacious.

They say good things come to those that wait.

They’re wrong.

Life is short, so make sure you take full advantage of your opportunities.

Too many people watch from the side lines just dreaming of a better life.

Make an audacious plan, then find a team to work with who think like you do, who have purpose and ambition.

Your goal in life should not to be comfortable. That will lead to you never taking any risks, or doing anything exhilarating.

Your goal in life should be daring, so big that it motivates and excites you.

Nothing feels better than defeating your doubters and fulfilling your potential.

They say that success is the best revenge.

They’re right.

Life is short. Be Daring. Be Audacious.
Life is short. Be Daring. Be Audacious.

Your Number One Priority in Business

I have started my fair share of businesses in my time and one thing still surprises me; how poorly many company owners and directors treat their staff.

I believe that your number one priority should be your employees.

Over and above your customers, suppliers, associates – anyone.

They fight with you every day and they deserve your loyalty, encouragement, support and appreciation.

It’s really simple – pay people the best you can afford. Provide them with the space to do their best work.

Encourage, recognise and reward for a job well done.

Empower people, give them room to grow and fulfil their career ambitions and always treat people with respect.

I am a firm believer that a good leader always puts the team first.

Setting Personal Goals to Achieve Success

You will not become successful in your life by setting small, easily achieved, everyday goals.

Neither will you achieve success by dreaming, talking about or bluffing it. Too many people do that and it doesn’t work.

Where you place your focus in life has enormous implications on your time. Don’t climb to the summit to find out you’re on a molehill.

Set big, bold, life changing goals then focus all of your energy and efforts on achieving them.

Think big, really big and expect more from yourself and people around you and you will achieve the success you’re looking for.

You don’t get to the Summit Without the Journey

Most people want to get to the summit without going through the the journey that will take them there.

Ultimately, no one lands on the mountain top without climbing the mountain.

Breaking out of average is hard. It means taking risks, real risks. It means embracing change and thinking big.

The majority of people will never do what is necessary to convert advice into actionable results. Putting up with the average and settling in life is too easy.

But who wants to settle?

Who wants just an okay life, to be average?

You owe it to yourself and your family to want more, to be more.

Have bigger plans for yourself, join a team with purpose, a team that’s going somewhere. Pick a summit and make it high. Then go.

The view is worth the climb.

Surround Yourself with People who Want to Win

You must surround yourself with people who want to win if you want to achieve real success.

If you want to break from mediocrity and achieve great things for yourself and your team then you must have a mindset that is so strong, so powerful, so positive, that you believe anything is possible.

So, expand your thinking.

Remove the limits you place on your potential.

Surround yourself with those people who think bigger, who genuinely believe – then you’ll see the world differently.

You’ll see that anything really is possible.