My advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs*

  1. Pick the right mountain. Too many entrepreneurs start up companies that even if they manage to get to the se summit, the view is not worth the climb.
  2. Look after your staff. They’re your #1 priority. Provide them the best opportunity to succeed with you. Pay them properly.
  3. Set the pace. Never allow people to slow you down from the inside or the outside.
  4. Avoid hiring: naysayers, moaners, whingers, piss takers, anyone without professional ambition or pride. You need fighters in this game, especially early on.
  5. Play to win. If you’re going to do it, then aim to the the best at it. What’s the point otherwise. Let’s go big baby.
  6. Enjoy it and have fun. Life’s short. People spend a significant time at work so make it somewhere they enjoy being.

*Starting a company is a high risk endeavour where the odds are stacked against you. It is not for everyone. I have started over 20. I have built companies from zero to £50m+ revenues. Take it from me, even getting to £1m in revenues is brutally hard. People only see the glory and medals, not the blood and guts. To win at business, to create something significant from nothing takes an incredible amount of will and energy. It can be the most rewarding endeavour but it can also bankrupt you. Some people make it look easy. It isn’t. It’s fucking hard. But, if you’re on a winning team then it’s an incredible journey.

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