My advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs*

  1. Pick the right mountain. Too many entrepreneurs start up companies that even if they manage to get to the se summit, the view is not worth the climb.
  2. Look after your staff. They’re your #1 priority. Provide them the best opportunity to succeed with you. Pay them properly.
  3. Set the pace. Never allow people to slow you down from the inside or the outside.
  4. Avoid hiring: naysayers, moaners, whingers, piss takers, anyone without professional ambition or pride. You need fighters in this game, especially early on.
  5. Play to win. If you’re going to do it, then aim to the the best at it. What’s the point otherwise. Let’s go big baby.
  6. Enjoy it and have fun. Life’s short. People spend a significant time at work so make it somewhere they enjoy being.

*Starting a company is a high risk endeavour where the odds are stacked against you. It is not for everyone. I have started over 20. I have built companies from zero to £50m+ revenues. Take it from me, even getting to £1m in revenues is brutally hard. People only see the glory and medals, not the blood and guts. To win at business, to create something significant from nothing takes an incredible amount of will and energy. It can be the most rewarding endeavour but it can also bankrupt you. Some people make it look easy. It isn’t. It’s fucking hard. But, if you’re on a winning team then it’s an incredible journey.

Launching – A Job Site for Brighton and Hove

Today, I’m excited to see the launch of a new business: Bright.Jobs.

Starting locally but with National ambition, this start-up is underpinned by another excellent technology platform courtesy of the Surge Tech team.

I want to say thanks to Oliver who has led this project from the ground up under considerable pressure. I build lots of start ups and they are both the hardest and the most rewarding thing to do.

The odds are stacked against you which means having a great team is essential. Oliver has been meticulous in his R&D of Bright.Jobs and has proven to me that he has what it takes to get something very significant off the ground.

The marketing plan for Bright.Jobs is literally brilliant. popemobile

If you live in Brighton & Hove you will not miss our advertising around town, it’s going to be everywhere! Plus it’s why we bought the Pope Mobile!

The Pope Visits Brighton, UK
Any business where you hire a full time Pope actor is going to be a winner.

The only way to get the life you dream of is action

Everyone wants success, whether they admit it or not. I have yet to come across a single person who is living a fulfilled life by choosing to settle.

Life’s too short to live only for the weekends and holidays. To only enjoy some of your life and be just okay with the rest; that’s definitely not living your best life.

The problem is that it’s easier to dream about, talk about, or even bluff success than it is to actually achieve it. But real success is created by your actions, not your words. The only way to get the life you dream of is action.

So, ignore the cynics, the people who have given up on their own dreams. Instead, take massive and determined action to achieve your goals and don’t slow down for anyone and anything.

The view is worth the climb.

Being Successful is a Choice

Being successful is a choice, not an accident. Everyone wants success, though not everyone will admit to it.

Life is short and success provides freedom. Success will help you live your best life.

Most people will never be successful because:

  1. They don’t set big enough goals
  2. They are too defensive in mindset
  3. They don’t work at pace
  4. They focus on the wrong things
  5. They are not action oriented
  6. They stop reading/learning/listening
  7. They are afraid of losing what they have
  8. They are afraid of looking stupid
  9. They forever talk, plan and procrastinate
  10. They give up on success and settle


Stop Making Excuses


Stop making excuses why things are not working.

Stop lowering your goals.

That’s the first sign of defeat and it’ll infect you and everyone around you. No one ever achieved anything epic in life by being realistic.

Stop saying you want to be successful. Everyone wants success!

You are your actions, not your words.

Stop the endless planning and procrastination. Learn to take massive action.

By taking action you’ll create opportunities you’re looking for. What seems impossible today could be possible tomorrow.

Unless you’re happy to settle for a life of mediocrity, then you need to act not talk.

Winners do today. 

What is success?


In my view, success is freedom.

Freedom defined as having the ability to choose life on your own terms.

Not just at the weekends or whilst on holiday, but every single day.

The opposite of success is settling. Settling is when you give up on your dreams.

You decide they are unrealistic or unachievable and so you make do and try to become happy with what you have.

Settling can creep up on you and before you realise it, you’ve lowered your expectations and accepted the hand you’ve been dealt.

Settling may lead to regret. Happiness is found in striving for audacious goals with like minded people, not in settling.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Never accept mediocrity.

It’s never too late in life to up your expectations. It’s always possible and it’s definitely worth it.

There’s no view, like the view from the top when you achieve your goals.

Do you hate your job?

Don't Stay in a Job You Hate

Don't Stay in a Job You Hate

I am 42 years old. I started my working life at 16 by joining the Army.

In the past 26 years I have only had three jobs; a soldier, a police officer and an entrepreneur. I’m actually not a fan of calling myself an entrepreneur, too many people band it around not knowing what it means.

Owning a company does not make you an entrepreneur. Calling yourself one doesn’t make you one either. It’s a title others attribute to you due to your mindset.

Anyway, I digress.

Do you hate your job?

If the answer is yes then I have news for you! You don’t have to. It is possible to find a job you actually love. They are out there. Lots of them.

The main reason most people are in jobs they hate is because of fear. They are willing to put up with something they know isn’t right for them or they don’t really enjoy because they are afraid of change.

This leads to settling. If you are willing to settle for something as big as where you spend a third of your waking life on this earth then what else will you settle for?

F*** that, life’s too short!

Get out there and find a job you love, with people who inspire you, where you can grow as a person and enjoy financial success through professional growth.

Don’t settle for okay. Okay isn’t fun. Okay won’t make you happy. You deserve better for your life than just okay.

Thank you for reading the longest job advert ever – we are hiring 😃

Turning a Setback into an Opportunity is About Mindset

The Great Storm of 87 Fell Many Trees in Stanmer Park

In 1986 my Dad @philhove had just left the Army after 24 years and bought a small, run down cafe in Stanmer Park.

He’d ploughed all of his life savings into it and we were going to make it a success as a family. My Mum and Dad worked 7 days a week and when they weren’t serving teas and scones to dog walkers they were painting, doing DIY and making the cafe better.

In October 1987 there was a great storm and so many trees were uprooted and blown over.

Customers couldn’t get to the cafe for weeks as the roads were impassable without a 4X4. Business just died overnight.

That first day my Dad realised we were in trouble and he went out and bought a chainsaw, an axe and a splitter and he began chopping the fallen trees.

We spent that entire winter chopping logs day and night which we sold by the van load around Brighton and Hove for £40 a load from one advert in the Argus, our local paper.

I would leave for school at 7am (it was a long walk!) and he’d be up chopping logs and he’d still be doing it when I got home at 4pm. I would help him bag them up and deliver them every evening until 10pm at night.

I was just 13 years old and I clearly remember my Dad’s focus at that time, he was 100% committed to succeed.

We did that for six months, 7 days a week. Because of that income the cafe survived.

I learnt a valuable lesson that stays with me today; even in the biggest set backs in life, with the right mindset, success is possible.

Dreamers and Astronauts

I meet so many people who claim they want success. They know all the cliches, read all the books and say all the right things.

But most people want success whilst avoiding risk or failure. So they settle for mediocrity. And, to avoid disappointment, they begin to reframe what success looks like, lowering their expectations bit by bit.

Some kids dream of being astronauts. Few actually become one. Most just dream.